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Toilet Repair in Lubbock Texas

Toilet Repair Lubbock TX

Need a Toilet Repair?

Most likely one of the most used plumbing component in the restroom would need to be ones toilet. Thankfully, it can and will work without any issues for many years without needing and attention. Thankfully, most any type of toilet issue is not a lengthy or overly difficult repair to perform for us at 806 Plumbing.

In times of a clog that just will not go away with a plunger, we are right here to lend a hand. Nonetheless, there are other indicators that property owners need to be mindful of in order to help stop bigger concerns later on.

If the toilet  will not flush at all, look to see where the water level is inside the toilet tank. Or, if the flush handle starts to stick, these are basic issues for us to assist with.

Undoubtedly, if there is a leak or if the toilet is making overly loud noises, these are times when we have to come inspect ones fixture and make sure it is okay.

If you are planning a remodel or addition to ones home, let us know, for we can design and install all your bathroom fixtures too!

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